The 10 Worst Movies I Wasted Hours Of My Life on in 2014

This is not any sort of list of the worst movies of the year, because—indications to the contrary aside—I do not actually enjoy watching bad movies. The Worst Movie I’ve Ever Seen cured me of any impulses to see things that I know will be bad because “It might be so bad it’s good!” I did not, for example, see Dumb and Dumber To.

But I did end up seeing quite a few stinkers—because I was assigned a review (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles); because there was a free screening with free popcorn, so why not? (Transformers: Age of Extinction); because I wanted a front-row seat to a probable train-wreck (Exodus—it was a press screening, so thankfully it only made me poorer mentally and emotionally); because I had a fun idea for a piece about some movies, but that meant I actually had to watch them first (Endless Love and Winter’s Tale); because of temporary insanity (Left Behind).

Here they are, in order—#1 is the worst, #10 is the least bad. Unlike my 10 favorite movies of 2014, I chose not to write blurbs for these, because I don’t particularly want to think about Left Behind and how I paid for it. So every movie gets an angry gif, instead.

1) Left Behind


2) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


3) Exodus: Gods and Kings


4) Transformers: Age of Extinction


5) Extraterrestrial


6) Endless Love


7) Winter’s Tale


8) Horns


9) No Good Deed


10) Into the Storm



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