Doing the Time Travel Twist: The Spierig Brothers Go Back (and Forward) in Time with Predestination

“I love time travel movies,” says writer/director Michael Spierig. “Particularly since we’re in 2015, and this is the year of Back to the Future 2, when Marty McFly goes into the future. I’m still waiting for my hoverboard!” Together with brother Peter, Michael has added another element of time travel to this year: Their sci-fi thriller Predestination, starring Ethan Hawke as a Temporal Agent on the hunt for a time-traveling terrorist who has evaded  him for decades, not that the exact amount of time can rightly be figured in a movie that bops around from the ‘40s to the ‘90s. Also key to the story is “The Unmarried Mother” (Sarah Snook), a barfly whose past is more complicated than it looks. Ditto their future.

You know. Time travel movie.

Predestination is an adaptation of “’ —All  You Zombies—‘,” a short story by sci-fi master Robert A. Heinlein that—without getting into spoiler territory—details some of the paradoxes that are possible when you mess with time. “I remember reading the short story and absolutely loving it and thinking, ‘This is unlike any time travel story I’ve ever read,’” recalls Peter. “It’s quite an amazing construction, and so clever and interesting. And to also realize that it was written in 1958. It’s quite extraordinary, given how bold it is and where the short story goes. It’s still original and completely relevant today.”

Read the rest on Film Journal International.


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