Little Accidents Is a Solid Movie From a First-Time Director, Better Than Most January Sh*t

Sweet, succulent baby Jesusing fried chicken—it’s a good movie coming out in January.

Granted, Little Accidents, written and directed by first-timer Sara Colangelo, isn’t a great movie. It’s OK. I wasn’t dancing my seat. But the last movie I reviewed here was The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death. Little Accidents is a relief.

The two accidents of the title are a coal mine kerfluffle that causes several deaths and the disappearance of the son of coal mine owner Bill (Josh Lucas). The son, JT (Travis Tope), is kind of a huge dick, lording his social standing over Owen (Mud’s Jacob Lofland), whose working-class father died in the mine. But JT’s mom (Elizabeth Banks) is still upset about him disappearing into thin air, because that’s how parenthood works, I guess.

Rounding out the main cast is Chloë Sevigny as Owen’s stoic mother and Boyd Holbrook (the non-Charlie Hunnam Charlie Hunnam. No, not Garrett Hedlund. The other one.) as Amos, the tight-lipped sole survivor of the mining disaster. He knows that the mining company’s resonsible for all those deaths, but he ain’t talking. He wants all the lawyers and union reps, not to mention the people telling him to keep mum lest their small town’s main soure of employment has to shut down, to lay off his jock.

Read the rest on Pajiba.


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