The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death Is the Perfect January Movie: Dull and Lifeless

A horror sequel coming out in the notoriously shit month of January—what could go wrong?!

Get ready for the greatest shock of the year so far—The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death is not a good movie. I know, I know. Take a moment. Sit down. The sequel to the similarly mediocre The Woman in Black—which was financially successful because A) it was cheap to make and B) it had Daniel Radcliffe in it—Angel of Death takes place some decades after its predecessor, during World War II, with the only character in common being the eponymous kid-murdering Woman.

In the first movie, Daniel Radcliffe played a widower and single father whose job takes him to the creepy Eel Marsh House, where he’s tasked with going through all the paperwork left by its recently deceased descendants for legal reasons. There’s a ghost lady. It compels children to commit suicide. There are a lot of jump scares.

Read the rest on Pajiba.


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