Should You Comment On That Post? An Internet Primer.

Hi there! It looks like you’re thinking about leaving a comment on something you read on the Internet.That’s great! Well, maybe not so great for the job you’re supposed to be doing while instead you fuck around on the Internet, but… no, never mind. It’s fine.


As someone who writes on the Internet for (part of) her living and who has never managed to entirely give the gospel truth of avoid comments the respect it deserves, I’m here to help you not leave one of those comments that writers complain about.

(Yes, it happens. Just like restaurant and retail staff vent to each other when a customer doesn’t know what an herb is or wants a minimum wage employee to risk their job so they can use a 15% off coupon that’s clearly marked as one-use-per-customer three times in the same transaction. A bit of knowledge to keep in your back pocket. Hey, we writers of the web gab about comments we like, too! And Pajiba comments and its commenters are, generally speaking, 586% better than those of the Internet at large. Let’s not talk about YouTube.)

So. Before you write that comment …

Read the rest on Pajiba.


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