Friday Link Roundup #6

The Internet’s dumb, hateful Indiana freakout: Pizza parlor’s shameful ignorance doesn’t justify a social-media crucifixion (Salon)

Who Should Write and Direct the 50 Shades Sequels?

My Real-Time Response To Learning What The Rock Eats Every Day (The Toast)

The new Mad Max: Fury Road trailer is ridiculous.

A live-action Mulan is getting down to business to defeat the huns. (/Film)

Michael Jackson Used to Play Childish, Annoying Pranks On… Russell Crowe? (Pajiba)

CASEY JONES, WE HAVE CASEY JONES. The TMNT sequel is going to suck, but CASEY JONES. (/Film)

The Sequel To Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory That Charlie’s Mother Deserves (The Toast)

Furious 7 and diversity: Why Hollywood needs to catch up with reality

Things My Male Tech Colleagues Have Actually Said to Me, Annotated (The Toast) (I read a lot of toast.)


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