10 Things I Want from the Avatar Season Finale

Nearly a year (holy God) after my first Avatar: The Last Airbender newbie recap, I have finally reached the season finale. It’s an emotional time. Before I watch it and run out of ATLA forever, here are 10 things I’d like the finale to do:

1) Fire Lord Ozai is defeated when the Earth King’s bear shows up and wrecks the place.

2) Toph has been relegated to the background for the latter half of season three, barring  some character development in “The Runaway” and, to a lesser extent, “The Western Air Temple” (where she was the only one to stick up for Zuko). She’s been sidekick-y lately, moreso than Katara and Sokka. Come back, my child! Come back and kick some ass!

3) Ditto Suki. She hasn’t really done much since getting rescued aside from getting frisky with Sokka. Granted, it’s been two episodes. I’m looking forward to a (hopeful) return to form.

4) IROH WHERE IS IROH, COME BACK IROH. The Order of the White Lotus can’t let Sozin’s  Comet come and go without trying to do something about it, right? I sense a Chekov’s gun situation here.

5) Please, like Mai and Ty Lee are going to stay locked up for the season finale. Watch your back, Azula. They’re coming.

6) Speaking of Azula, I want her to literally explode into a ball of lighting. Only the biggest, most badass of endings is appropriate for my queen.

7) I wouldn’t object to Mark Hamill saying more lines like “My royal butt is showing.”

8) The gaang has been awkwardly carting around their trio of backup dancers (Haru, The Duke, Teo) for a few episodes now, and it better have been worth it. Where even were they during “The Ember Island Players”? I know the gaang split up from them after Azula’s attack in “The Southern Raiders,” but you’d think establishing a rendezvous would be a more pressing matter than attending a play.

9) One last hairstyle for Zuko. The man hasn’t had a mohawk yet.

And finally:

10) The glorious return of Cabbage Man.

cabbage man



5 thoughts on “10 Things I Want from the Avatar Season Finale

  1. Dan says:

    I think you will see most of the important ones in some form or another. And that’s all I’ll say. Oh, and maybe bring tissues for when you watch the finale.


  2. stevet321 says:

    Its been a great ride. Experiencing the discovery and wonder of the ATLA universe all over again through your view has been outstanding. Thank you for letting us in as you shared.

    A box of tissues is actually good advice. Its worth the wait.

    If Sozin’s Comet, p1-p4, were put together as a single feature theater release…”Here, take my money!”

    Liked by 1 person

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