Friday Link Roundup #10


I like Hot Topic’s Marvel clothing line, but their new Penny Dreadful offerings are woefully disappointing. What is this tank top and cutesy midi-dress bullshit? I want Victorian glamour! I’d wear the top above, though.

THR’s report on how Warner Bros./DC’s shared universe is coming together looks… not promising.

Is it May 15th yet?

Here Are Some Paintings Of A Woman Riding Aristotle Like A Pony. Thanks, Toastie.

Paul Feig Explains What Could Possibly Have Made Him Want to Make a Play-Doh Movie. A+ use of Parks and Rec screenshots from Vivian at Pajiba.

Leaked Audio From Warner Bros. Summit Reveals Spectacular New Details About DC Cinematic Universe (Pajiba)

spaceballs the scarf

I found this scarf while working on an upcoming piece, and I needed to share it with you ASAP.


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