Friday Link Roundup #11

x-wing cardigan

This X-wing cardigan from Her Universe–Jesus God, I want it.

Everyone will be in Captain America: Civil War. I wouldn’t be surprised if Howard the Duck shows up at this point.

Friends lied to us; there is no way Ross could actually be a paleontologist.

Joss Whedon admits that Loki originally had an Ultron cameo, but it was cut because “we didn’t want [the movie] to feel overstuffed.” Try harder.

Steven at Pajiba takes the psychotic Christianity of Little Boy to its logical conclusion.

I kind of genuinely love James Franco’s clueless McDonalds op-ed. Not sorry.

Speaking of McDs, EW has a funny take on the new Hamburglar.

Kyp Durron’s a jackass, and stop casting hot people in Jane Eyre adaptations.


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