Friday Link Roundup #12

I didn’t hate Avengers: Age of Ultron as much as Sady Doyle does (“fun but stupid” was my verdict), but her essay on the film’s failings and what they mean for the popcorn genre as a whole has a lot of good points.

On top of all the other weirdness about the McDonald’s new hot suburban dad hipster Hamburglar, TIME wants you to know that he makes no fiscal sense.

Meet the Reviled Movie Blogger Who Inspired Last Week’s ‘Amy Schumer’

Disney. The Princess of North Sudan. Based on the real story of a (white) man who co-opts a patch of land Egypt and Sudan so his (white) daughter can be a real-life princess. Can we not? Screenwriter Stephany Folsom, responding to backlash against the announcement, argues on Twitter that that a story of colonialism and white privilege “is NOT the story we are telling.” I’d expect that at the very least Disney would be good enough at PR to realize how much of a clusterfuck this could end up being.

The A.V. Club’s response to MRA site Return of Kings boycotting Mad Max: Fury Road because of feminism is a pile of good. Speaking of, in case you missed it: My review of Mad Max: Fury Road. It’s so good. I want to see it twelve more times.

The Magnificent Seven remake keeps getting more and more handsome.

And finally:


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