Friday Link Roundup #16

THE MARTIAN TRAILER, THE MARTIAN TRAILERRRRRRR. I really love this book, and Ridley Scott’s cinematic output has been… not great lately. Hopefully the presence of a better script (by Drew Goddard. The pro: Daredevil, Cloverfield, The Cabin the Woods. The con: World War Z) means this lives up to his source material. Rids, from me to you:


Go Ahead, Ask Google ‘What Happened to the Dinosaurs’. Thankfully, this has been fixed.

Jezebel has a good reaction to Elinor Burkett’s dumbo New York Times opinion piece about Caitlyn Jenner.

No one understands Joyce Carol Oates’ comedic wit.

“Everybody grieves differently, so let’s not judge, but let’s gawk at someone ‘clutching an iced drink and taking a selfie'” at her daughter’s funeral. Man, fuck this post.

RIP, Christopher Lee:


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