Fair Warning: Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur Will Probably Make You Cry

Pixar’s getting greedy. They already have one hit this year, Pete Docter and Ronaldo Del Carmen’s Inside Out, which has a few days to go before it begins to throw its financial weight around but has already won over critics. And in a few short months, the animation giant hopes to strike gold again with The Good Dinosaur, the feature directorial debut of 15-year Pixar vet Peter Sohn. (If he looks familiar, it’s because he was the visual inspiration for Jordan, Carl Fredricksen’s chipper Boy Scout sidekick, in Docter’s Up).
To get journos buttered up for Pixar’s other 2015 film, Disney hosted a “first look” presentation this week, with Sohn on hand to talk about Pixar’s process and his own experience as an animator, and–the main attraction–to give us a little taste of what we can expect when The Good Dinosaur comes out this Thanksgiving, November 25th.

Read the rest at Film Journal International.


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