Friday Link Roundup #19, Thursday Edition

This week’s link roundup is on Thursday, because I’ll be heading to NC tomorrow to spend some time with the family. Most notably, my dogs:



Re: that mess of an #AskELJames hashtag: Bullying someone who’s done/written some horrible shit in the past is still bullying, OK? So much of that hashtag was less “I genuinely want to ask this person questions and engage with her” than “You suck in this way. Would you agree that you suck? Why do you keep doing these things that suck? You suck.” Less “genuine intent to engage,” more “genuine intent to yell at someone.” There was this glee in people dogpiling on her that I think is really shitty, no matter who it is. Anyway, it pisses me off, and Chuck Wendig wrote a really good piece on the whole thing.

The internet had a spasm of hell no at this HuffPo piece on Inside Out, and for good reason. FYI, before you write an essay on a movie, you should watch the movie. It is not difficult. Just sit your ass down for 2 hours and point your head in the direction of the screen. Looking back in time at you, endless barrage of American Sniper thinkpieces. 😐

Vanity Fair‘s Channing Tatum profile is a delight, as are most things about Channing Tatum. Bonus Voguing.

Paul Thomas Anderson could direct one of those live-action fairy tale movies??!?!?!

Wesley Morris at Grantland wrote an essay on Ted 2 that you should read instead of watching Ted 2.


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