Welp, A&E’s Damien Viral Marketing Stunt at Comic-Con Got Me

ICYMI, the lovely religious protestors who camp out at San Diego Comic-Con every year were joined at this year’s event by a smattering of “protestors” promoting A&E’s new The Omen spinoff Damien. Instead of the normal admonishments about idol worship and Satan, con attendees were helpfully informed that “From Flame Damien Will Rise.”

I didn’t even know that an Omen spinoff show was happening, so I checked out the trailer, and… dammit. It has me. “Antichrist who doesn’t know he’s the Antichrist” hits every one of my narrative buttons (thanks, Good Omens), and the presence of Merlin‘s Bradley James doesn’t hurt. I also love the logline on IMDB: “After discovering his origins, Damien Thorn must cope with life as the Anti-Christ.” “Welp, I guess I’m the Anti-Christ. Will this effect how I file my FAFSA?”


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