Friday Link Roundup #21

Nothing to see here, just sobbing about Star Wars.

Someone stole FW Murnau’s head.

Dustin writes a brief tribute to the ballsiest plot device in all of televisionSuits‘ manila folders.

There will be a week where I do not include multiple Toast items in my link roundup, but it is not this week: Annotating The Rock’s Inspirational Workout Video Message To The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team; Diana, Roman Goddess Of The Hunt, You’re Never Going To Find A Boyfriend This WayThe Pitch Meeting for Wishbone

Six Reasons to Say “Yes!” to Subtitles

Dylan Marron’s Every Word Spoken Tumblr gets a slow clap. (via Sociological Images)

There’s a gay erotica novella with Kirk Cameron and a crocoduck.

This is what happens when you create a Facebook account that everyone on the Internet has access to.


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