What Movie Do You Hate That Everyone Else Loves?


If you skimmed through the 2015 Pajiba Ten Post just looking at gifs of hot people (understandable), you might have missed the part where Courtney talks about straight-up hating Stardust, which—though it was never particularly successful or particularly well-known—has an enthusiastic following, especially among fantasy nerds. I enjoyed the film, but I understand the issues she has with it.

And it got me thinking: What are those films that I hate that everyone else loves? What are those films for other people? I’m not talking films that are merely successful;Transformers and Silver Linings Playbook may have made a ton of money and won a ton of Oscars, but they both have a lot of detractors. I’m thinking more along the lines of classics or fan favorites.

Is there someone out there who hates Labyrinth?

To that end, I have polled family, friends, and fellow Pajibans alike. I learned some things about the latter group that I maybe didn’t want to. There will be venting. There will be tears. Friendships will be destroyed. You’ll want to yell at TK, though maybe no more than usual.


Read and get your vent on at Pajiba.


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