Friday Link Roundup #22

taylor ww

Joe Phillips reimagines classic film stars as comic book movie heroes.

I’ve seen Ant-Man twice now, and the second time I really started to appreciate Corey Stoll’s Yellowjacket more. He’s Silicon Valley yuppie-meditation loving-stand outside the stall and watch you pee weird, and Stoll really went for it. I wish he’d gone for it more, but he wasn’t given a ton to work with. Because, as Adam Bellotto at FSR points out, Marvel has a villain problem.

How To Tell If You Are In A Korean Drama

Kleenex at the ready.

Why the Epilogue of The Truman Show Is More Horribly Depressing Than You Care to Imagine. Nooooooo.

If you’re enjoying the Gawker trainwreck like I am, Mary Elizabeth Williams’ piece on Salon about being one of their favorite targets is a good read.

Yes, this guy who interviewed Amy Schumer is an idiot, but what’s really getting to me here is how much the other interviewer looks like Sigourney Weaver. I’m extremely jealous and a little freaked out.

I read a theory on Twitter (don’t remember who, sorry), that because it’s so obvious that Christoph Waltz has to be Bond megabaddie Blofeld in Spectre, Mendes & co. might be pulling a bait and switch, and the real Blofield is Monica Bellucci. Yes, please.


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