Confessions of a TV Slacker: No, I Am Never Going to Watch Your Favorite Show

boo bitch

My conversations about TV go something like this:

“Hey, what do you think about True Detective?”
“I don’t know, I don’t watch it.”
“Oh. Well, this season has been weird. But the first one was Breaking Bad-level good.”
“I never watched Breaking Bad either, actually.”
“What?! But it’s so good!”
“Yeah. I watched the first season. I liked it. I heard it gets even better. I’m sure it’s great. I just… you know, I’ll get to one day.”
“Did you watch Mad Men?”
“Have you tried Steven Universe? It’s really good.”
Orphan Black?”
“But it’s sci-fi. You love sci-fi.”
“Yes! Yes, I watch Hannibal. I’m a little behind on it, though.”
“How far behind?”
“Like… two seasons?”
“OK, but I know you watch Game of Thrones.”
“Used to, yeah. First four seasons, part of the fifth.”
“I feel you. Did you quit because of the Sansa rape scene?”
“No. I got lazy.”

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