Friday Link Roundup #23

The first teaser for season two of The Knick is here. HNNNNNGGGGGG.

Scott Beggs at FSR writes about the state of the movie-fan union.

Via Variety, 5 reasons Adam Sandler is no longer a movie star. This sentence–bolded for emphasis–makes me sad: “But there’s something invariably Clinton era about the Sandler posse, and not just because it includes Vanilla Ice. There’s also Rob Schneider, Steve Buscemi, David Spade, Norm MacDonald, Kevin James, etc.” I knew Steve Buscemi would be considered part of the Sandler group, but I didn’t know-know it, y’know?

Room is going to mess me up.

Jon Ronson writes about the typecasting of Muslim-American actors as terrorists at GQ.

In case you didn’t read Joanna Robinson’s piece about Judy Greer’s Hollywood output this summer–in the form of every single line she’s spoken (there are not a lot of them) in all four of the movies she was in–…. do that. It’s good.

What If That Human League Song Were Only ‘You Were Working As A Waitress In A Cocktail Bar’? Hot damn!


Uhhhhhh. This isn’t helping make your case re: alleged drug use, James.

“And almost The Interview.” Hah.


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