What Movie Do You Love That Everyone Else Hates?

Last week, Pajiba was host to an all-out bitchfest when I asked you to share which movies you hate that everyone else loves. Everyone who said Clue: You are wrong. Clueis wonderful. Everyone who said Titanic: You are wrong. No one actually loves Titanic.Titanic is shit. (So are TK’s opinions, I have learned.)

With that negativity out of our system, I think it’s time to turn things around a bit and consider those movies generally hated by the public that we ourselves genuinely, unironically love. I’d call them “guilty pleasures” if I felt guilty about liking Chappie. (I DO NOT.)

TL;DR–Get to Pajiba and tell me what your most beloved unpopular movies are, so I can (maybe) include it in my results post. I know there are more Ghostbusters 2 fans out there.


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