The Second Best Part of Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

The best part of Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation is Rebecca Ferguson. Hands down. And not just because we Rebeccas with freckles have to stick together. Seriously. She’s amazing. But the second best thing is how, for the last third of the movie, director Christopher McQuarrie and costume designer Joanna Johnston dressed up bad guy Solomon Lane (Sean Harris) as Evil Steve Jobs.

sean harris 1

Seriously. You do not put a character in a black turtleneck and glasses unless you are inviting the Steve Jobs connection.


Sure, the glasses aren’t right, but a key part of Solomon Lane’s plotline is a big glass box. A BIG GLASS BOX.


WHAT IS YOUR GAME, MCQUARRIE? Lane is the head of a multi-national organization whose mission statement is basically “we will fuck up everyone’s shit.” There’s no real philosophical underpinning to it–it’s just there to cause chaos because Lane wants to and because he has a chip on his shoulder re: past employment. Is this some sort of wider statement about Apple’s controversial production practices ?  About its pervasiveness, but how at the same time that pervasiveness has made it an almost invisible part of our everyday lives? About the Cult of Steve Jobs? Is Jobs just being used here as a villain archetype because it looks cool? It has to be intentional, right?

crazy pills

I DEMAND ANSWERS. Joanna Johnston, call me.




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