Film Review: Fantastic Four

The only fantastic thing about Fantastic Four is how much blandness it manages to pack into 100 minutes. If taking talented actors—Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara and Jamie Bell play the central four—and leeching them of all charisma is a superpower, then director Josh Trank has oomph enough to give even Superman a run for his money.

Or maybe Trank isn’t the one solely responsible for this filmic personification of mayonnaise. Rumors have circulated for months that he was pushed off the film following on-set misbehavior, requiring that producers and 20th Century Fox step in and finish the job. At the very least, we know there were reshoots; the awful wig that Mara wears in some scenes can attest to that.

Fantastic Four reads like studio filmmaking taken to its extreme: no creative stamp, no risks taken, any vestiges of personality all but completely stripped from the final product.

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One thought on “Film Review: Fantastic Four

  1. Rhodoferax says:

    Oh Jesus. From the sound of it, they’re drawing from Ultimate Fantastic Four, which for non-comic fans is part of Marvel’s attempt to reimagine their heroes for a new audience, the results of which weren’t pretty due to relying entirely on “DEATH! SEX! MURDER! INCEST! VIOLENCE! BLOOD! SEX! DEATH!”, and somehow making even that boring by spending multiple consecutive issues on characters talking about how they really totally need to superhero, and how suddenly necessary superheroing is, but almost never actually superheroing. Also they’re huge jerks.

    So, yeah, this movie is really the Ultimate Universe in a nutshell. Sequels are going to be terrible. Still, at least they didn’t make Doctor Doom into a blogger.

    For the next reboot, maybe they can draw from the 60s comics by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, which while dated and not expecially kind to Sue, were just the kind of insane, fun adventures the Fantastic Four should be about.

    (Oh, and Doom and Storm are real surnames).


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