All Your Faves Are Hufflepuffs

You’re going to sit down, and we’re going to talk about Harry Potter, because people don’t appreciate Hufflepuff enough, and I’m sick of it. I was working a Harry Pottermidnight party once, back in my Barnes & Noble days, and we had every kid dip their hand into a hat and pick out a slip of paper saying what house they were. One kid, my Hufflepuff self distinctly remembers, pulled out a ‘Puff, and their face fell, because Hufflepuffs are laaaaaame. The argument goes: They’re not brave enough for Gryffindor or smart enough for Ravenclaw or cunning enough for Slytherin. They’renice.

But excuse you. Hufflepuffs are all about hard work and determination and fairness. We’re not showboaters like some houses, and if you mess with one of our own we will fuck you up. We get shit done. And what’s lame about accepting everyone? That’s metal as hell. We’re breaking down social barriers, one kitchen run at a time. Because we’re right next to the kitchens.

hufflepuff gif


We also have these fictional characters, so that’s pretty cool, too. PUFF PRIDE. JOIN US.

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