Howling at the Moon: Jonas Alexander Arnby makes growing up a monstrous thing in ‘When Animals Dream’

“I wanted to make a coming of age movie somehow,” explains Jonas Alexander Arnbyof his debut film When Animals Dream, out tomorrow courtesy of RADiUS-TWC on digital platforms and theatrically in New York and Los Angeles. “But I wanted to find an interesting way of making it not look like the rest of the coming of age stories. Something that was more a metaphor of how the protagonist feels and develops in a psychological way, but also in a physical way.”

A metaphor for transitioning from adolescence to adulthood, a time beset with physical and emotional changes, true, but also changes in how society perceives one’s identity and thinks one should behave. There’s a stigma, in a lot of ways, to being a teenager: Anything that you do in terms of asserting your own identity, particularly when it comes to burgeoning sexual awareness, is going to earn you dirty looks from someone.

Got it. Teenagers are werewolves.

Read the rest on Film Journal International.


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