A Serious Discussion of Which Harry Potter Characters Are Best in Bed


What is says in the title. Join Rebecca and Kristy—and the mysterious Agent X, making a Pajiba cameo—as we discuss how various Harry Potter characters would be in the sack. Look, it’s the week before Labor Day. Nothing’s going on. We have to make our own fun.

DISCLAIMER: For the purposes of this post, all the characters are in their post-Hogwarts incarnations. As in, post-book, epilogue-era, everyone’s an adult, Draco is balding, Neville’s turned hot professor, and Harry seriously named a kid “Albus Severus.” There was some dissent as to whether we were discussing young McGonagall (because Maggie Smith, y’all) or series-era McGonagall (because you know she still gets it), so the official verdict on that one is “whatever kits your cat.”

Let us begin with a potentially controversial verdict.

Read the rest on Pajiba.


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