Good News for New York Comic-Con Attendees: There’s Now a Subway Right Outside the Javits Center

Behold, the most intriguing post subject ever: PUBLIC TRANSPORT EXPANSION. This is important, though. Regular attendees of New York Comic Con will know that its venue, the Javits Center, is as out in the middle of bumfuck nowhere as it’s possible to be in Manhattan. Getting there is a pain in the ass, because it’s several long blocks away from the closest subway station. (Not so bad on normal days–worse if you’re wearing uncomfy cosplay shoes or toting a bunch of swag.)

As of last weekend, that’s no longer the case, as the 7 line has been expanded to a new 34th St – Hudson Yard station (at 34th St. and 11th Ave.), which just so happens to be right outside of the Javits. The 7 isn’t incredibly convenient to those in Manhattan and most parts of Brooklyn (ie most out-of-towners coming to NYC for the con), but it’s still pretty cool that you can now zip from Times Square right to the con’s doorstep. (Before, the most efficient way was to take the A/C/E to 34th St – Penn Station and walk west. That’s a shorter distance than Times Square-to-Javits, but, again, after a long day at the con you might not feel like walking.)

Now that that corner of Manhattan is serviced by a subway station, can we get some better con-adjacent food options? Please?

(photo by Jason Persse)


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