Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials Review: Oh, It’s a F*cking Trial, All Right

You guys, I’m pretty sure Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials director Wes Ball has invented some sort of time machine. Or at least a reality distortion mechanism.

How else did he make a 131-minute movie feel like it took up six hours of my everloving life?

Scorch Trials. Ohhhhhh, Scorch Trials. For those not in the know with what the kids are talking about these days, this is the sequel to The Maze Runner, an under-the-radar success when it came out last year. Produced on an estimated budget of $34 million, it earned a smidge over $100 million in domestic box office but then proceeded to clean up overseas and in home video markets. Like Divergent, it’s based on a blatantHunger Games ripoff/cash grab book series. Unlike Divergent, its cast is made up of mostly unknowns. I know there are lots of people who love The Maze Runner, but I’ve never actually met any of them. I feel old.

Read the rest on Pajiba.


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