Friday Link Roundup #27

Hey there. It’s been a while! Let’s catch up.

han solo pop tarts

What did I do to live in a world where these Han Solo Pop Tarts by Falcon Toys aren’t real things I can buy in a grocery store and eat?

Wired Style: A Linguist Explains Vintage Internet Slang

Why drivers in China intentionally kill the pedestrians they hit.

Good God, Morrissey’s lost it.

ICYMI, Antonio Banderas is going to fashion school because he wants to bring back the cape, and I am in love.

An Open Letter to the Bellas (Pitch Perfect 2): Y’all Know Y’all Lost, Right?

What Do You Say to a Roanoke Truther?

Uhhhh, Sean Penn. Not your finest moment? Granted, it’s a much finer moment than that time you allegedly beat all those women (allegedly), but still. Streisand Effect. Heard of it?


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