Friday Link Roundup #29

carrot pillow

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these! BIG-ASS CARROT PILLOW.

Why Harvey Danger’s ’90s alt-rock hit “Flagpole Sitta” endures

This is a good’un about the ending of Spectre

Over at Grantland (RIP), Jason Concepcion provides a definitive ranking of Star Wars jackets.


Young Mags! Loving that hair.

Speaking of Star Wars, Harrison Ford IS Han Solo.

Clickhole keeps clickholin’.

Death to Capitalism? Visitors to Marx’s Grave Balk at Fee, feat. my hero:

In 1975, a local named Jean Pateman founded the Friends of Highgate and the group took control of the decaying burial ground.

Styling herself as the “dragon at the gate,” Ms. Pateman became legendary for her confrontations with moaning Marxist

“He [Marx] led the capitalist life,” she said in 2008. “He even pawned his wife’s silver.”

Stories of her Cold-War era confrontations with official delegations from Communist countries were well known at the cemetery.

“She was formidable,” Mr. Dungavell said.

The Entirety of Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace Is On YouTube


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