Jessica Jones vs. the Nice Guy

By now, I’m going to assume a good chunk of you have watched Jessica Jones. (If not,SPOILERS FOR EVERYTHING.) Or, if not, you’ve at least heard that David Tennant’s Kilgrave, AKA Purple Man, is one of the best villains the MCU has turned out. Unlike Daredevil, which went the sympathetic route for the excellent Wilson Fisk, Jessica Jones made Kilgrave straight up the most terrifying baddie the MCU has ever had. Is it because of the mind control? Sure. Mind control is inherently scary and dickish. (Sorry, Professor X.)

But it’s also because Kilgrave is a m’ladying, fedora-tipping “Nice Guy.”

On a show created by Melissa Rosenberg, no less, who’s putting some serious karma points back into the universe after writing the Twilight movies, featuring teenage girls’ favorite romanticized abuser dreamy vampire Edward Cullen.

Read the rest on Pajiba.


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