Film Review: The Jungle Book

Ever since the billion dollar success of Alice in Wonderland back in 2010, Disney has gone back to their roots – and how.  FromDumbo to The Little Mermaid to Beauty and the Beast, just about every Disney classic (minus Song of the South – gulp) is being freed from the vault and given a 21st century, live-action update. Nestled in between last year’s Cinderella and this May’s Alice Through the Looking Glass comes Jon Favreau’s take on The Jungle Book, a collection of Rudyard Kipling adventure stories that first got the Disney treatment back in 1964. There’s a wider discussion to be had about whether Disney’s obsession with franchises, remakes and sequels over original properties is sustainable—certainly, their Marvel movies are starting to settle into a rut—but the most important question will always be “Yes, but are the movies good?”

The Jungle Book is very, very good.

Chalk one point up for knowing your strong points and sticking to them.

Read the rest on Film Journal International.


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